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IT professional who owns a thriving flower business in Nairobi

Esther Wambui Kimani has turned her passion for flowers into a thriving business in Kenya. She is the owner of Merest Flowers, an enterprise that specializes in connecting cut flower growers, farms and plantations in Kenya with florists and wholesale flower buyers across the globe. Esther has been fond of flowers since she was young but the inspiration to turn it into a business came after an interaction with a friend who is a florist. […]

A family of local farmers producing export quality herbs

Do you remember the old adage, “The family that prays together stays together”? The same sentiment of strength and togetherness can be expressed in farming, too, if we say, “The family that farms together stays together.” And while it may not rhyme or be as spiritually significant, it really does matter that families stay together to farm and are kept on the farm – together. Kiburu Greens is a family effort of Susan, her siblings […]

From a bank manager to a dairy farmer

After five years in banking, Athanas Mbele Mwachia left his comfortable source of income to become a dairy farmer, an industry he describes as the real money-maker. I thought for me to go into business, I had to venture into an industry where much money is pumped in every day. For an average Kenyan family, almost seventy percent of their income is spent on food. This was my inspiration,” the founder of Taitan Farm Limited […]

Food processing company to add value to locally-grown cassava

Gladys Mwangi’s view of the cassava crop is beyond that of an orphaned crop for rural, poor African farmers.  As the founder of GIRAYS Limited, this full time farmer has found a niche processing cassava into flour, starch and animal feed and sees a bright future for Kenyan cassava farmers and processors like herself.  Cassava flour is not a common commodity in the market, but it is rapidly gaining popularity among the gluten free community. […]

COVID-19 brings out the farmer in a field officer

Agricultural field officer Faith Nzivo, has learnt some hard lessons during the pandemic. From running a comfortable profession in Murang’a County, circumstances changed her perspective towards life and made her turn adversity into opportunity. Prior to COVID-19, I was working as an agricultural field officer for a private company in Murang’a. When COVID came, I was not very lucky and lost my job as the company could no longer sustain me. In addition, my work […]

Technologist training farmers how to value their farms

Evelyn Musenya, is still basking in the warmth of the latest feather in her cap. The food technologist was recently crowned among the 200 beneficiaries of the Agribusiness programme conducted by the Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC). This was courtesy of her company – CAVACS International ltd – which is a consortium of consultancies adding value to various food chains. “I am very grateful to have qualified for this programme and happy to see that […]

In good company: enterprise helping farmers grow money

Farming is where the money is. This may be hard to believe in a country where farmers are mostly old and poor. Research has shown that the average farmer is 60 years old and their average income is well below the poverty line. Farmers have always been at the mercy of Mother Nature, but climate change has made her an unpredictable partner. They have to contend with rain and floods, then drought, loans they can […]

Female farmer and beekeeper working hard to meet natural honey demand

Along the busy Mombasa Highway, nearly 30 minutes out of the Nairobi City, located on Slip Road behind Ramtons, stands one of the major players in the beekeeping industry in Kenya. Apiculture venture, a modestly sized apiary, is home to one innovative female beekeeper –Pauline Otila Kamwara. On a brisk day during the COVID-19, not long when the number of cases were over a thousand a day in Kenya, the apiary’s main building was still […]

The “mwalimu” of mango farmers in Makueni County

It is no secret that young people are apathetic to agriculture. Many simply do not see farming as a viable career or livelihood path. However, for Wambua Kioko, the story is different. While growing up in Imale, Makueni County, he was distressed to see mango farmers count losses and decided to do something about it. He witnessed this problem firsthand as a farmer and mango buyer in the local market. “The mango is native here. […]

Planting commercial forests can reduce poverty and boost forest

Planting and managing trees to produce wood can deliver biodiversity benefits alongside playing a vital role