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Is drone technology good for farmers?

To propose a credible alternative to intensive agriculture (a model inherited from the 1960s with disastrous environmental consequences), drone startups are developing unmanned machines, using cutting-edge technologies to help farmers become more sustainable and increase their yield.  What are the benefits of using drones in agriculture, exactly? To answer this question with all credibility, I […]

Returning home from Dubai to cultivate their dreams and strawberries

Anne Mugo and her husband were happy, working in Dubai. Life was good. They earned a decent salary and had all the facilities they ever craved for: good healthcare and world-class transportation. They however always wanted to come back to Kenya and bring their business home. Having spent one year working in Dubai, they wondered […]

Four friends on turning pumpkins into a healthy diet

For many years, pumpkins were regarded as one of the less important crops in Kenya. To change this mindset, Pegotty Mutai with her three friends, Esther, Lilian, and Wangeci got into a partnership for extensive research on pumpkins processing to discover how much value could be added to the product beyond making soup – which […]

Make room for ugly fruits, fill stomachs not landfills

It is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This statement is even truer when it comes to fruits and vegetables. One-third of them never even make it to our grocery store shelves just because of how they look. While supermarkets have a part to play in this, we must also […]

Farmers reasoning behind uptake of agroforestry

Agriculture matters. It’s the most important employer, thanks to lifting people from poverty. We are, however, yet to get its maximum potential. Agriculture is additionally the foremost significant water user and therefore the biggest driver of deforestation. Agroforestry, an agricultural method where a farmer grows trees and crops on the same piece of land, is […]

Market for farmers: Can a phone app deliver?

Transportation costs can limit farmers’ choice in where they sell their crops, and may affect which type of crops they grow and how much of their harvest they sell, exchange, or consume. Transporting horticultural crops can be particularly costly for individual farmers without coordination across producers, given the potential for crop spoilage. Because optimal cropping […]

How a devastating flood gave way to a thriving rice farmer

Joseph still remembers when the Budalangi floods engulfed his one-acre land of passion fruits, destroying all his crops and losing his investment worth Sh 700,000. This ordeal crushed his dream to farm passion fruits, a venture he says made him quit his business as a supplier.   However, after losing all his passion fruits, he didn’t […]

Enterprise providing a better life for smallholder tea farmers

Tea is the world’s most popular drink (after water), with about 70,000 cups drunk every second. From its origins as an ancient medicinal crop in China, tea has spread far and wide – many of us cannot face the day without a cup. Kenya is among the top exporters of tea, earning the country billions […]

Former IT expert making a fortune from pawpaw

For those not yet familiar with the “poor man’s banana” as it is also informally known, the pawpaw is an oblong-shaped fruit, light green in colour, averaging the size of a standard supermarket potato. The inside of the fruit is a creamy, custard texture, varying in colour from creamy-white to yellow-orange. Its taste is most […]

Danish ambassador launches AgriBiz call for applications -Isiolo

On Wednesday 3, 2021, Danish Ambassador to Kenya, H.E Ole Thonke, launched the AgriBiz call for applications in Isiolo. The event happened during a courtesy visit to Isiolo which brought together delegates from the Danish Embassy, Isiolo county government representatives and staff from Kenya Climate innovation Centre (KCIC) who are conducting the program in the […]