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Bettering Nyambene Region through dairy farming

Dairy farming plays an important role globally. In Kenya alone, the dairy industry accounts for 14 % of the total Agricultural revenue collected nationally. Additionally, the dairy industry in Kenya accounts for around 5-8 % of the total GDP. This indicates the potential that dairy farming has in Kenya in terms of improving livelihoods if well managed.  With the hope of boosting the dairy sector in Nyambene constituency, Nyambene Arimi dairy under the Nyambene Arimi Sacco […]

Dipsea care naturals: A healthy solution to owning your glow

In the quest of trying to find a healthier solution for her sensitive skin, Grace Kimunya, an advocate, founded Dipsea care naturals which deal with the production of natural skincare and hair products. “Dipsea care naturals started as a passion and interest. I have sensitive skin and while looking for a healthier solution, I decided to enroll for soap making classes,” she says. Due to the growing interest from family and friends she saw it […]

Cibiya Farm Holdings quest to boost agribusiness sector in Kenya

Agriculture is the biggest contributor to Kenya’s economy, but the sector has not been fully exploited partly due to negative perceptions around it. Cibiya Farm Holdings Ltd desires to participate in changing that narrative by commercializing the farm and using modern farming techniques that will boost interest towards the agriculture sector both  locally and internationally. “It is important to positively participate in the call for Kenyan companies and the ‘Mwananchi’ to take centre stage as […]

Sunflower production empowering Machakos County

Community based organization, Leadership Training and Integrated Development (LITD), is keen on empowering Machakos County by creating job opportunities for the youth, a readily available market for farmers and also promoting a healthy lifestyle through sunflower production, processing and management.  Launched in 2011, the organization has recently shifted its focus from acting as donors towards the community and instead have introduced a sustainable project under their sunflower production through which both them and the community […]

One on one with the Kenyan farmer formulating organic feeds for livestock

A healthy food chain begins at the farm. Organic feeds provide all the nutritional value without all the harmful chemicals, hormones and fillers commonly found in non-organic feeds. Summeat Enterprises believes in developing and implementing modern formulated organic feeds in their feedlots to ensure that their produce has great quality meat that is tender and rich in all nutrients and taste for their consumer. We reached out to Faith Munini, the director at Summeat Enterprises, […]

World Food Day: Celebrating our #Foodheros amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

As countries all over the world strive to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s World Food Day focuses on how we can grow, nourish and sustain together as well as celebrate food heroes who

Kiambu County partners with KCIC to set up Business Incubation Hub

Kiambu County has partnered with Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC) to set up business