Enterprise name: Alliance Ultimate EnterprisesLocation: Kiambu 
Contact Person: Peresian Sasai
Phone number: 0725309075

The business is involved in the growing of tomatoes through irrigation systems using known continuous developed innovative ways so as to achieve maximum productivity and profits using available resources in Eor-Ekule village Ildamat

Enterprise name:Grace Rock Limited
Contact Person:Jane Mwihaki Karanja
Facebook page:gracerockfarms
Phone number:+254722747769

The business specializes in production of various vegetables , fruits and potato seedlings, for the horticulture industry for both small scale and large scale producers


Enterprise name: Firstlook Enterprises
Location: Kikuyu, Kiambu
Contact Person: John Allan Karanja
Phone number:

Firstlook enterprises promote sustainable farming and sound environmental practices. Our chickens and rabbits are well raised in adherence to strict standards; grown with no pesticides and receive no antibiotics. They are the juiciest, most delicious tasting white meat you’ve ever tried.


Enterprise name:Kimplanter Seedlings And Nurseries Ltd
Location:Ruiru and Murang’a
Contact Person:Carolyne Mukuhi
Phone number:0723835859

Kimplanter Seedlings & Nurseries ltd propagates vegetables,herbs,fruits and trees seedlings,for farmers of all capacities from large and small scale commercial farmers to kitchen gardens.We offer agronomy extension service to our farmers and deliver to them conveniently country-wide.

Enterprise name: MitsaElengos Limited
Location: Meru
Contact Person: Rachel Gakii Ananga
Phone number: 0748024492

10. MitsaElengos Limited offer affordable loans in form of greenhouses for horticulture farming, hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation farming, and all other types of vertical farming using the locally made jua kali grow bags. This has proved to create self-employment, and promote food security.

Enterprise name:Freshplus Ltd
Location: Mbooni, Makueni 
Contact Person:Eunice Ngina
Phone number:0726906619

Freshplus ltd is a limited company operated and registered in Kenya. Freshplus grows and manages production for export products which includes; fruits and vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. Freshplus is located in the lower Eastern parts of Kenya, Mbooni sub County of Makueni County. We work closely with small scale farmers mostly women and youth in the rural areas of Kenya. Our day to day work involves empowering that rural woman and youth to get a better market for his/her hard labour. We ensure the rural farmers produce products that meet the required international standards. Good agricultural practice is our song and actions of the day.

Enterprise name:Jani Fresh Limited
Contact Person:Diana Kyalo
Phone number:+254726758227

Since its inception in 2013, Jani Fresh Limited has been committed to exporting premium quality products to the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to running our own production units, Jani Fresh empowers medium and small scale farmers through partnerships that enhance agricultural sustainability and economic development.

Contact Person:Wefahson Limited
Phone number:0728043226

The business has contracted local dairy farmers to supply milk for value addition to manufacture Yogurt.

Enterprise name: Summeat Enterprise
Location: Machakos
Contact Person: Faith Munini Kyeki
Phone number: 0729824601

11. Summeat Enterprise are feed lotters that focus on finishing bulls for a specific period of time before selling them. They feed our bulls special formulated feeds that they formulate in the farm. Their key competence is in developing and implementing modern formulated organic feeds to ensure that they have great quality meat that is tender and rich in all nutrients and taste.

Enterprise name: AndyTech Solutions
Contact Person: Andrew Amwayi
Phone number:0726594902

Andytech solutions is a Poultry Business established in the year 2013 as a business enterprise. Having being trained as a Trainer of Trainees(T.O.T) especially in youth group dynamics and formation, Andrew  thought it wise to lead by example and explore a gap identified in poultry farming which inspired him  to start poultry farming as a business hence registering Andytech Solution as a business enterprise.  Andytech Solutions was registered on 3rd-April-2014 as a Poultry business enterprise.

Contact Person:Fidelis Wanjiku
Phone number:0722759816

Bulk resources offers Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) platform that connects small-scale farmers to the consumer market, their goal is to improve consumer spends and farmers incomes by creating a link between the two.Food in Kenya is very expensive to the consumer, A consumer spends 40-50% on food, the main problem is that most value chains are inefficient and unstructured market systems, thus the distribution is left to the middle men who controls the whole ecosystem, this makes food very expensive to the end consumer and reduces the farmers profits.Bulk resources distribute most of the food produce through major supermarkets and medium sized grocery stores.

Enterprise name: Gladys Mwangi
Location: Nairobi
Contact Person: Gladys Mwangi
Phone number: 0724506860

Launching in 2016, Tala Iconic Business World majors in Tomato production as the anchor product through greenhouse farming. We have two operational green houses, one measuring 8 Meters by 50 meters and another measuring 8 meters by 15 meters both accommodating 2,500 seedlings producing on average 25Kgs of quality Tomato annually translating to an annual production of 62.5 Tons, hence fetching Kshs. 3,125,000 selling a Kg at Kshs. 50 in 2018 against the expected 30Kgs per seedling for the variety (Anna F1).

Enterprise name:Tala Iconic Business World
Contact Person:Nelson Mutugi
Facebook Page LinkTala Iconic Business World 
Phone number:+254727815386

They are in the business of marketing and supplying farm produce to retailers in and around Nairobi. They have established a network of farmers and stakeholders to ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly and both ends of the supply chain benefits from the business. They have invested in farming logistics and value addition such as powder chilli to ensure our products are of high quality.  This involves drying both vegetables and herbs for both the local and export market.

Enterprise name: Naxveg Kukufresh Limited
Location: Nakuru
Contact Person: Sammy Mugereki Mwathi
Facebook page:

Phone number:+254725593251

Launched in 2019 NaxVeg Kuku Fresh is in the business of poultry meat value addition and marketing. Theirs is an outgrower model where they provide the birds and inputs i.e. animal feeds to selected farmers. They also provide extension services to them. Once the birds are fully grown, they buy them, slaughter the birds, clean and brand them.They then market the birds both fresh and frozen to hotels, restaurants, lounges and individual customers.
Facebook page:

Phone number: +254712285476

Launched in May 2019, Hasanat is a revenue generating venture that manufactures Lazizi yoghurt made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients to make premium yoghurt that is undeniably healthy, nutritious and affordable.They are providing a solution and striking a balance between premium quality and affordability, are contributing to enhancement of human health and providing job opportunities to youth.

Enterprise name: Gladys Mwangi
Location: Nairobi
Contact Person: Gladys Mwangi
Phone number: 0724506860

They are in the business of marketing and supplying farm produce to retailers in and around Nairobi. They have established a network of farmers and stakeholders to ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly and both ends of the supply chain benefits from the business. They have invested in farming logistics and value addition such as powder chilli to ensure our products are of high quality.  This involves drying both vegetables and herbs for both the local and export market.

Enterprise name: Fereen Chicken Farm 
Location: Kaiti, Makueni 
Contact Person: Faith Nzivo 
Phone number: 0701439548

Fereen Chicken Farm was started in 2020,and they  are located in Makueni, Kaiti sub county. The farm prides itself as one of its kind in the area and is  owned by a young lady. They rear  keep pure Kienyeji chicken on semi free range. Currently, the farm has over 80 kienyeji chicken from all ages and we aim to keep over 350 by next year. The mission of the business is to create income and employment to the local youth as we impact the society around with training and skills to uplift poultry farming in the region.

Enterprise name: Consultants in Agribusiness Value Chain Solutions ( Cavacs) International Ltd
Location: Kiambu
Contact Person: Dr. Everlyn Musenya Okoth
Phone number: 0710780832

The company has several products it produces through processing and value addition of milk. They include:-

a) Probiotic yoghurt plain, vanilla and strawberry flavoured.
b) Fruits flavoured yoghurt and chia seed flavoured yoghurt
c) Mala
d) Pure natural honey packaging (Cavacs International Limited

Company also conducts short training courses on value addition of milk and milk products i.e yoghurt, mala and cheese.


Enterprise name:M’awa Gold Hive Products
Contact Person:Doreen Ndanu Mutune
Phone number:+254720323985

The business is involved in beekeeping and sale of Hive Products. The hives have a capacity of 600kgs a year. The business also aggregates honey from farmers.

Enterprise name:Envisage Ltd
Contact Person:Jane Warambo
Phone number:0722 986189

Envisage Ltd is a B-2-B women-owned export company working with farmer groups growing fruits and vegetables for the international market including Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The company also sells vegetables and fruits locally to wholesalers and retailers.Currently the focus is within the avocado value chain and it is part of the ITC team supported under the MarkUP programme. The business is seeking to secure investment for additional capacity to grow and meet regular demand.Envisage is certified by GGAP, licensed by Agriculture and Food Authority and is a member of the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya.

Enterprise name: Kabete Vegrow
Location: Kiambu
Contact Person: James Mwangi Irungu
Phone number: 708690255

Kabete Vegrow began operations in June 2019 and began with a greenhouse as pilot and picked well and set up a second one. Kabete Vegrow specializes in farming of tomatoes, capsicum, strawberry and spinach in greenhouses and sell to local mama mbogas who have kiosks and sell produce to the main consumer who is the common mwananchi. The main products of the farm are tomatoes, capsicum, strawberry and spinach.

Enterprise name: Kibuchi Greens Farm 
Location: Njabini, NyandarUA 
Contact Person: Susan Nduru Kirigua
Phone number: 0720391690

Kibuchi Green  produces fresh and dry herbs for both local and export markets. Their  main herbs are rosemary, thyme, mint, sage.  They  also produce the following seasonal varieties: leeks, white and red radish, parsley and cilantro.  These healing herbs boost the immune system and promote better health. They are consumed as teas or paired with other foods as flavor enhancers

Contact Person: John Njoroge 
Phone number: 0721207816

NJENGA PYRETHRUM FARM is a pyrethrum growing business located in Kiambogo Elementaita ward in Nakuru county. We are located at an altitude of 2200m a.s.l making the region very ideal for high quality pyrethrum production with high pyrethrin content. Njenga pyrethrum farm is a thriving business with tremendous economic and social impact and have already started enlightening the society surrounding it.We harvest pyrethrum flowers, dry them and then sell them to a processing company which uses the product to make pesticides. We intend to create jobs for youths and women and to also empower all to grow pyrethrum as a suitable cash crop of choice.
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Enterprise name: Apiculture Venture Limited
Location: Nairobi
Contact Person: Pauline Achieng Otila
Phone number: 727961219 or 0722582033

15. Apiculture Venture is keen on encouraging the Kenyan Beekeeper and the Beekeeping industry towards the use of efficient, modern and economical Scientific Technology. The approach targets farmers in both small scale and large scale farms that exist in both Arid and the Semi-arid parts of Kenya, who produce beehive products for the Kenyan market.API-VENT is also involved and engaged in pollination services, training on modern beekeeping and commercial honey production with beehives (apiary sites of with 1000 hives and working with over 500 farmers in Isinya, Garissa, Laikipia, Nyeri, Emali, Nairobi, Kajiado, Thika-Mwaragwa and Usenge in Bondo and still seeking for expansion. As a social enterprise, Apiculture venture Ltd is committed to promoting improved socio-economic status of rural smallholder farmers in various parts of the country. We provide a ready market for the honey produce and pack under our brand name Golden Bee Honey.

Enterprise name: Mimea Farm Produce Ltd
Location: Nairobi
Contact Person: Petronella Gathu
Phone number: 722609067

Sweet potatoes value chain, and related value addition products.


  1. Sweet potato vines production for out growers and own farms
  2. Sweet potato production (orange fleshed and purple variety

Enterprise name:Divas Lifestyle
Location:Muthiga, Kiambu
Contact Person:Joyce Mwihaki Muniu
Phone number:0724 123703

Divas Lifestyle is a start-up business that sells 100% natural, authentic essential oils alongside crafted blends and nutritional products. The business is based on the belief that effective natural and essential oils are gifts from the earth and this is why it provides high-quality wellness products to everyone, young and old.Divas Lifestyle aims to provide majority Organic Products in the form of essential/carrier oils, massage oils, and extending into health and beauty care products for the entire family. This is inclusive of the family pet. The ideal target market would be the baby boomers (persons over the age of 40) in a mid-socio-economic class but all are welcome. This category is representative of forty-two (42%) of the present population.Additionally, the business will offer training to educate others in the area of growing, processing and blending mainly organic beauty and health products

Enterprise name: Twinz Caterers Events And General Supplies Ltd
Location: Juja, Kiambu.
Contact Person:Joreen Wanini KinyuaEmail:
Phone number:0774880811

Joreen Brands  is under Twinz General supplies Ltd. We majorly deal with Pure Honey and Natural peanut butter.which is sourced from suppliers who aggregate from local small holder farmers. We source the honey from baringo and tanzania, and get it refined, packed and labeled at KIRDI , and the peanuts for peanut butter we get from western kenya.They are then processed and ground to pure and natural peanut butter with no additives at all. Our company is centered around promoting HEALTHY LIVING, as well as meaningful, sustainable employment to our youth and women in the society, in social-economic development.Joreen brands has supported quite a number of youth in the value and distribution chain , supplying our products to wholesalers, and minimarts in 8 kenyan counties. We have also incorporated ICT in online selling. We are strong advocates of youth empowerment , decent work and honest earning for improved livelihoodsJoreen Brands will be a platform that  will be used to empower the youth & women in our society to be able to become independent and create jobs through agribusiness for others as well as the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering and learning  from each other and better understand the world of agri business.

Enterprise name: Jamuh Ltd 
Location: Rumuriti, Laikipia 
Contact Person: Albert Maara Muthoni
Phone number:0723761713

Jamuh Ltd Agribusiness serves the production and distribution of horticultural products to local and international markets promptly. We are focused on Tomato Farming and not limited to produce other value adding horticultural products i.e. Onions, Pepper, herbs and vegetables in smaller segmentations. Through Jamuh Ltd, the world is promised of consistent supply of our quality products in season and off season.

Enterprise name:Youth In Business Africa
Location: Kajiado, Machakos and Nairobi 
Contact Person: Grace Jayo

Youth in Business Africa is a trade support initiative for young men and women, including persons with disability to engage in the manufacturing/production of quality goods, while creating positive social-economic impact through income generation and community development.Through Sifa Farm  the company produces leafy greens and grapes, tomatoes, as well as coriander and mint.Their  primary consumer is the low-income families living and/or working in Kitengela, Konza, Athi River, Mlolongo & Syokimau towns

Enterprise name: Leadership Training And Integrated Development
Location: Machakos
Contact Person: Meshack Ikinya Mutevu
<strongstyle=”color: black;”>Phone number: 0722975505

Launched in 2011, Leadership Training & Integrated Development is a revenue generating venture that specializes in the production of sunflower oil and seed cake:

 1.sunflower oil – this is pure oil from sunflower after processing which is packaged, branded and marketed as oil.

  1. Poultry feed/ dairy cow feed- this is formulated using the sunflower cake and other materials. It is processed, packaged and sold as poultry feed and dairy cow feed.

 LTID is adjacent to Mwanzo mpya maize millers which produce maize flour and maize germ as a by-product. LTID will partner with Mwanzo mpya company to access maize germ for poultry and dairy cow feed processing

Enterprise name: Solakilimo
Contact Person: Nyangate Raphael Asiba
Facebook: @solakilimo
Twitter: @solakilimo solutions
Phone number: +254710564647

The business will be providing the fruits and vegetable farmers with a solar powered cold storage rooms to store their harvests as they wait to find a market for the produce

Enterprise name:Kipini Limited
Location: Maragua, Murang’a
Contact Person:Lilian Mwangi
Phone number:0720670843

Kipini Limited grows a variety of fruits and vegetables on a family owned farm in Murang’a County. From apples to tree tomatoes, bananas to sweet & juicy sugarcane, pumpkins and tomatoes. Our objective is to provide a steady supply of high quality and nutritious fresh farm produce to our customers.

Enterprise name: Shammah Rown Group Ltd
Location: Bungoma
Contact Person: Roy Wafula
Phone number: 0725983697

They run a grafted avocado nursery and tissue cultured banana plantlets hardening nursery. Their nursery pudding soil and bore hole water for irrigation are both tested and appropriately certified by both KEPHIS lab and Bungoma county lab and recommended for nursery use.Their activities involve growing and grafting hass avocado seedlings then sell to farmers at a subsidy.

Enterprise name: Natilogo Enterprises Ltd
Location: Bungoma
Contact Person: Grace Opati
Twitter Handle: @natilogo
Phone number: +254277582819

The business will be providing the fruits and vegetable farmers with a solar powered cold storage rooms to store their harvests as they wait to find a market for the produce

Enterprise name: Kisumu Airport And Lakefront Neigbours Alliance
Location: Kisumu
Contact Person: Beatrice Achieng Wangaji
Phone number: +254712610621

Launched in 2017, CBO is involved in rearing Indigenous Chicken (Chicken farming) and Production of chicken feeds
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Enterprise name: Dreamsville
Location: Siaya
Contact Person: Joseph Ouma
Phone number: 724731187

Dreamsville is a CBO located in Siaya dealing with meat and eggs from chicken. They raise chicken for meat and sell surplus eggs to their local markets. Company started as sole proprietorship and now managed by 15 members both directly and indirectly as a community based organization.

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