Machakos County

Machakos County lies in the eastern region of Kenya and is divided into eight subcounties namely
Mavoko, Kathiani, Machakos, Matungulu, Yatta, Masinga, Mwala and Kangundo. The county’s topography is characterized by hills rising between 1800 – 2100m above sea level as well as the Yatta plateau which is elevated to about 1700m above sea level and slopes to the South East.
There are isolated hills in the North West. In the plains, the soils are well-drained, shallow, dark and red clay soils.
The plains receive less rainfall in comparison to high altitude areas, which receive high rainfall.
According to the County Government of Machakos,approximately 60% of total land area in Machakos is arable.
Food crops are mainly cultivated for subsistence purposes and include maize, beans, pigeon peas, green grams, cowpeas and cassava. The main cash crops are coffee, mangoes, citrus, french beans, pineapples,
flowers, sorghum and vegetables.
Other agricultural activities being carried out in Machakos include ranching and beekeeping.
In its 2018-2022 CIDP, the County aims to increase the productivity of arable land through use of quality farm inputs,appropriate mechanization, irrigation and good agricultural practices.
A number of mitigation and adaptation measures are also being put in place to address the effects of climate change which include prolonged droughts, erratic rains and rise in average temperature all of which conspire to lower agricultural productivity.

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