Meru County

Meru County is located in eastern Kenya and comprises nine sub counties, namely:
Igembe North, Igembe Central, Igembe South, Tigania East, Tigania West, Buuri,Imenti Central, Imenti South and Imenti North. The county’s position on the eastern slopes of Mt Kenya and the equator has highly impacted its natural and atmospheric conditions leading to a wide variety of microclimates and agroecological zones.
The county’s drainage pattern is characterized by rivers and streams originating from catchment areas such as Mt. Kenya and Nyambene ranges.
Cutting through the hilly terrain on the upper to the lower zones, the rivers drain into the Tana and EwasoNyiro Rivers.
The rivers form the main source of water for both domestic and  agricultural use.The economy of Meru County is primarily driven by agriculture.
The soils and climatic conditions of Meru County favor the growing of crops such as wheat, potatoes, millet,sorghum and maize. Key cash crops include tea, coffee, bananas and miraa.Groundnuts as well as different varieties of legumes, vegetables and fruits also do well.
Livestock production is carried out both for subsistence and commercial purposes. Cattle, goats and sheep are kept while poultry farming and bee keeping are also carried out. Over 3,000 farmers in Meru engage in fish farming.

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