Swalehe Hamisi Mwakulola

/ Business Analyst

Swalehe Hamisi Mwakulola is a Business Analyst under the AgriBiz Program. Prior to joining KCIC, he worked with the County Government of Kwale as the Investment Officer under the Department Tourism Trade and Enterprise Development responsible for providing investment facilitation and promotion services to clients. At KCIC, he is responsible for supporting entrepreneurs (KCIC clients) become bankable or investor ready by providing client tailored technical assistance. Swalehe bring on board a skill set of SME training, business advisory, product development, coaching and mentorship to youth, women and PWDs led enterprises. He also has experience in data collection, marketing and project cycle management. Swalehe holds a bachelors degree in Economics and Finance from International Islamic University Islamabad-Pakistan and is currently pursuing CIFA professional program. He has done online professional courses including “Unlocking Investment and Finance in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDE)” organized by World Bank and Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management at Udemy.org. Fun Fact: He enjoys playing football, swimming and hiking.