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KCIC participates in the Machakos National Agricultural Exhibition Seeking to Promote Sustainable Growth for Agribusiness

The annual Machakos Agricultural national exhibition kicked off this week, ushering in a crucial gathering with the potential to reshape the agricultural landscape in Kenya. Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)Agribiz programme through the Machakos Business Incubation Hub (BIH) is at the forefront of this initiative, playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable economic growth through its active participation in the 2023 Machakos Agricultural Society of Kenya National Show. Running from Wednesday, June 7th to Saturday, June 10th, this event is hosted at the Machakos show ground and is set to feature more than 150 exhibitors from diverse sectors, all converging under the theme “Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Growth.”

In the backdrop of this grand event, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and start-ups face considerable challenges in accessing markets and establishing sustainable marketing networks. KCIC recognizes the significance of this challenge and agribusiness enterprises in rural and preurban areas to address it through its active participation in the exhibition providing market access to the entrepreneurs. The Agribiz programme is providing a unique platform for 14 business enterprises from the Machakos Business Incubation Hub to show case their products to wider audience and sell their products at a prestigious national event, effectively bridging the gap and forging vital market linkages granting them increased visibility and sparking potential collaborations and innovations within their respective value chains.

Interacting with fellow exhibitors and industry leaders enables these entrepreneurs to glean insights and implement strategies that enhance their production processes, ultimately boosting efficiency and effectiveness from the ideation stage to the market.

The impact of KCIC’s involvement in the 2023 Machakos Agricultural Society of Kenya National Show cannot be understated. Through facilitating market access, nurturing innovation, and promoting sustainability, KCIC is actively driving economic growth and empowering agricultural entrepreneurs. The exhibition acts as a catalyst for growth, allowing MSMEs and start-ups to not only showcase their products and services but also attract potential customers and establish partnerships with key stakeholders.

This venture aligns seamlessly with the global emphasis on climate-smart agriculture. KCIC’s participation in this event reaffirms its mission to champion climate innovation and sustainable practices. By leveraging the platform presented by the Machakos Agricultural Society of Kenya National Show, KCIC through the Agribiz programme is creating opportunities not only for women and youth but is also making substantial contributions towards the broader goal of achieving food security, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity in Kenya.