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Quantum Feeds: Providing homemade feed formulation to farmers

The cost of animal feeds has significantly gone up following the introduction of 16% VAT on all animal feeds. The increasing cost is driving many farmers out of business as feeds account for more than 80 percent of the production cost. Making your own feeds cuts down the costs while increasing your profit margin.

Quantum Feeds is an enterprise that provides services to farmers by offering them homemade animal feeds formulation.

Currently, the enterprise is working with 30 farmers, who are able to make their own quality feeds at low prices to run their investments.

The Managing Director, Elias Maina said to make the feeds, they first collect the raw materials required before mixing them.

They source raw materials, such as maize, sunflower seed cake, lime, wheat bran, rice polish, supplements such as mineral acids, locally from the markets and farms.

“We mix the materials within the home area of the farmer and get to interact with them so they can learn how to make feeds on their own,” he said.

The enterprise was started by Maina and his colleague George after continuously buying expensive poor quality feeds. They formed the enterprise to mitigate this problem.

Maina says the homemade feeds are organic and of the highest quality.

The farmers that we currently work with have been able to improve the quality and performance of their animals whilst minimizing the cost of production.

He said, “By joining our enterprise farmers can save more money and streamline their farm operations. Farmers are now making more profits from reduced cost of feeds and getting quality products.”

Being a beneficiary of the agribusiness programme launched by Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, Maina hopes to scale up his venture to see more farmers use homemade feeds and make more profits from their products.

“Agribiz consultants have helped me improve on my business plan, how to manage my finances and how to pitch to potential funders.  I thank the European Union and Danida for the support they are giving through the agribusiness programme, which is enabling us the Kenyan youth to achieve our goals and dreams,” Maina says.

Small business enterprises are the growers of any economy as they create value at the lowest community cadre, thereby helping in alleviation of societal problems.